Jonathan Wilber, President and CEO of Master Key Consulting

Native American Owned Company Concludes its Celebration of Ten Years of Service to the US Government.

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Jonathan Wilber, second from left, with winners of the 2011 employee recognition awards.

I began planning for my podcast series by listing all the people I knew in business who I wanted to interview. Jonathan Wilber was one of the first people I put on that list which grew to nearly 50 names. Even though I could have done the interview over the phone or via Skype, I wanted to wait until I could do it in person, across the table from Jon in his Bethesda, Maryland office.

I got that opportunity a couple of weeks ago when he hired me to shoot photos of the culmination of the celebration of his company’s ten years in business. Master Key Consulting is a provider of IT and training services to the federal government. In full disclosure, I worked for Master Key part time and then full time ending over five years ago.

Menominee Indian Tribe of WisconsinLeaving Master Key Consulting was a difficult decision for me, but I knew that someday I would again have the pleasure of serving Jonathan Wilber, a man of impeccable character and unmatched skill as an inspiring business leader. The weekend I spent with Jon, his family and employees was highlighted by getting to know some of his fellow members of the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin. He brought a contingent of them to Washington, DC to put the exclamation point on the celebration. Native dancers and singers and a historian presented their art, history and culture at the National Museum of the American Indian, documented here on Master Key Consulting’s Flickr account.

Optimize for Success

Smart Internet Marketing to Grow Your Business

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How big a deal is doing your first professional public speaking gig? It was a pretty big deal for me, anyway. I was thrilled when my old college radio (KWMU at UMSL) buddy Walt Holley, Jr. asked me to speak to the St. Louis chapter of NAIFA – National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Walt and I became reacquainted about a year ago after some 34 years since going our separate ways in the late seventies.

Walt is the president of the local NAIFA chapter. As we got reacquainted at a Cardinals game, and he heard me talk passionately about my Internet marketing business, he realized that I might have something of value to share with the NAIFA membership.

The audio quality isn’t great, but I figured it was good enough to share with the world as episode 5 in my Talkabout podcast series.


Most small businesses use the internet as an economical way to attract new clients and provide customer support. Websites often don’t reach their potential because they are poorly optimized for search engine traffic and customer engagement. Similarly, companies’ social media accounts on LinkedIn and Facebook, which can be helpful in attracting new customers, often don’t because they are not properly set up with compelling profiles and maintained with compelling content. Romondo Davis is an Internet marketing consultant who helps small businesses maximize their web-based assets to capture new customers and engage existing customers.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a clear understanding of what Internet marketing can do for small business.
  • Learn strategies and tactics for optimizing web content for search traffic.
  • Create a system for creating compelling content to grow business.

Detailed Outline:

  • What can Internet marketing do for my business? – The importance and power of search
  • Who is my audience? – Knowing my target market
  • How will they find me? – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • What should they find on my website? – Design and organization
  • What about social media? Community and conversation
  • How will I stand out? – Compelling content
  • How will I stay focused? – Editorial calendar
  • How will I know this makes a difference? Track your stats
  • How do I stay current with internet marketing? – Read, listen, observe

I’d love to talk to your group. Contact me here.

Kurt Ramspott, President of Guys for Life International

There’s No Substitute for You!

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Kurt Ramspott, President of Guys for LifeI met Kurt Ramspott early last fall at Pujos 5 Restaurant at West Port Plaza in West St. Louis County. He had called me the day before and offered to hire me to shoot on video the testimony of the Machine Gun Preacher, being delivered to a group of Guys for Life supporters.

My first impression of Kurt was that he was very good at public speaking and especially good at asking people to support worthy causes. I got to know him better when a few weeks later, he asked me to accompany him on a trip to Colorado Springs to cover his appearance on Jim Daly’s Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast. The three days we spent together on that trip, along with Aaron LeCave, served to bond us as brothers and fast friends. I had a unique opportunity to learn what makes this man stand out above so many business men and ministry leaders. I hope you find his story as compelling and inspirational as I do.

For more information on Kurt Ramspott and his ministry, visit the Guys for Life International website.

Monica Ricci, Professional Organizer

Keeping it simple is the key to successful organization and productivity

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I met Monica Ricci in October, 2010 at Blogworld and the New Media Expo, on in the front row at the all day ProBlogger sessions put on by Darren Rowse and Chris Garret. I was there to learn how to support my client’s blogging efforts, she was there to advance her knowledge of blogging, a skill she uses quite well to promote Catalyst Organizing, her professional organizing consulting company. I told her about the podcast series I was planning and she agreed to submit to an interview once I got it started.

In this interview, conducted via Skype, she outlines her path from working for 21 in the hospitality business to building and running a successful business as a professional organization specialist and speaker. To prepare for this interview I checked out Monica’s website, Facebook account and use of video. We closed out the show with a survey of these online tools she uses so effectively.

Check out Monica Ricci’s website,  blog and on Twitter and Facebook.

Join Me for TalkAbout

TalkAbout podcast logoI’m proud to announce the launch of my podcast, TalkAbout, a weekly audio series featuring professionals talking about what they do and how they do it. I hope TalkAbout will be helpful to young people trying to decide on a career path, and interesting to anyone curious about what people do for a living.

I’d like you to become a regular listener, so I’ve provided a link to make it easy for you to subscribe to TalkAbout. Click this icon to see the many subscription options. TalkAbout is powered by FeedBurner

Either way, I encourage you to give me feedback on the show. If you have suggestions on how I can improve the show or ideas for subjects you’d like to hear talked about, use the form on my Contact page.

Episode 1: Brett Newcomb, L.P.C.

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My guest on episode 1 is Brett Newcomb, a Licensed Professional Counselor. When he was working in his chosen profession as a high school teacher, students would often come to him for advice. Through providing this informal counseling, he realized how important it was to be able to give the right answers to the questions these young people were asking. It inspired and motivated him pursue a degree in therapy.

“I didn’t want to make mistakes when people’s lives were at stake.”

He eventually established a counseling practice leaving the profession of high school teacher, and eventually joined the faculty of Webster University teaching other people how to be professional counselors. He recently entered semi-retirement and now focuses on public speaking engagements and producing podcasts.

The interview shifts gears to talk about how he and I met working with Dr. Kathy Maupin on her weekly podcast, The BioBalance Healthcast. It wraps up with a brief discussion of my attention deficit disorder.

The music track for TalkAbout was composed and is provide by Patrick “The Maestro” Hanson.