I began my career in 1976 working in broadcast production. I transitioned to digital media development in 1991. Since then I’ve devoted my work to delivering innovative marketing and training solutions to a wide range of business, government, educational and non-profit organizations. During the past five years, I have acquired deep expertise in search engine optimization (SEO) and development of online communities.

My approach to Internet Marketing can be broken down into four categories:

  • Identification of the Buyer Persona: The better you know your audience, and can describe them and their internet habits, the more successful you will be at reaching them. What problems do they have? What words do they use to describe what you provide using search engines? Are they web savvy, or do they prefer traditional media? I ask these questions and more to help you be a better target your content.
  • Content Development: I encourage your organization to replace the institutional marketing-speak found in typical communication and web pages with genuine stories, employee testimonies, and customer comments, all in a conversational, approachable voice. I also help you repurpose your existing content—rewriting when necessary—to distribute via all appropriate channels.
  • Community Creation: Blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other Web 2.0 Internet platforms can help you deliver your communications and messages with pinpoint accuracy. I can help you convert your content to the format appropriate for each platform, and deliver it to the places your audience members will receive it, and be more likely to react to it. These tools enable and encourage your community to interact with you and with each other.
  • Media Production: I encourage you think about how to use video, podcasts, and images online to tell a compelling story to a receptive audience. Statements by your management and creative team, interviews with your audience, and other authoritative sources, all present your organization as dynamic, authentic and open.