Business as Unusual

Business is booming with new clients and a variety of projects that take full advantage of the scope of what I offer. I’ve just come off a week of PowerPoint production for a great new client that is also interested in engaging me as a consultant and project facilitator in a re-branding campaign which includes developing a new website. We’ve also discussed using blogs and forums to increase their visibility.

I’m working on two video projects—both for non-profits—and two Adobe Director pieces. One of my medical clients has asked me to produce a digital sign for their lobby. The hardware is in and I am wrapping up production of the video loop. I plan on installing the system in their space over the weekend.

I’m meeting with another new client today to strategize about how to position them in regards to all their marketing materials. I’m producing their website, so my research is key to what we discuss in today’s meeting with the designer and another marketing consultant.

Part of next week will be devoted to producing Flash modules for still another new client. These short pieces will present key principles that define the services they provide to their clients. Also next week, I’ll be beginning a podcast series for a client who does a good amount of public speaking. The podcasts, at least initially, will feature excerpts of some of these presentations.

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