I Don’t Need no Stinkin’ Blog

I met with one of my clients today who made a good case for not participating in the blogosphere as a means to building community and getting new customers. His reasoning was simple, “I know who my prospects are, and I know how to reach them.”

I had to agree with his approach, which is based on having precious access to qualified buyers, cutting through the clutter, and getting them to listen long enough prove you can solve their problem. This strategy is based on leveraging a large email list of potential customers, gently prodding them to listen for a few minutes, and using that short Flash piece lead them to a longer Flash piece.

That longer piece moves them to the next level, which is to make a phone call or send an email message to inquire about purchasing the company’s product.

It’s simple, and it works because they have a mailing list that is laser focused, and a presentation process that is finely tuned to filter out the chaff and lead only qualified prospect to the desired action.

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