Buz Phelan, Visual Branding Specialist

Graphic Design and so much more


On episode 2 of TalkAbout, Buz Phelan tells his story of inspiration, education, experience and success as a twenty-first century businessman with the title of Visual Branding Specialist. Buz relates his childhood pastime of thumbing through volumes of encyclopedia and his frustration with not being able to figure out how those illustrators were able to draw images so small. In high school Buz took mechanical and architectural drawing classes, then went on to study commercial art in junior college. He hit the ground in the business world running with a passion and a solid education and at a first job where he got exposed to a wide variety of brands, formats and styles at a graphics production company. His career path continued with periods of freelance and full time work before finally landing in his happy place as full time self-employed visual branding specialist.

Buz and I play critical roles on marketing teams for clients like Fertility Partnership, BioBalance Health and Roll it Rite. Based on a particular client’s needs, he brings me to his client and I bring him to mine. The relationship we have with each other and other professionals like Mistie Thompson of Sweet Tea Communications and Scott Eagle of High Level Studios have proven to be a practical and economical business model.

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