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Some of you have heard me wax eloquently about podcasting and wondered, “So when is Romondo going to produce a podcast?” The answer will follow some background information.

First, for those of you who don’t know what’s behind my passion for podcasting, let me explain that my professional career—now 30 growing strong—began in broadcasting. I worked first in radio for six years—doing just about every task imaginable—followed by nine years in TV, in on-air operations and technical production engineering.

In late 1990, at the dawning of the age of multimedia, my friend Peter Meng introduced me the Macintosh and a program called MacroMind Director (now Adobe Director). It didn’t take long for me to begin making a living developing interactive software experiences and integrating every type of media available.

When I discovered podcasting, a little over a year ago, I realized that it was the blending of my two professional passions: broadcasting and multimedia. I knew that someday I’d be producing podcasts, not only for myself, but also for my clients.

So, with all that said, I can tell you that I’m waiting to start producing a podcast until I have all the following issues dealt with:

  • The right subject matter, with a well-defined audience and adequate content resources
  • The dedication to do it on a regular basis with a commitment to quality
  • The technology including recording equipment, compression software and hosting

These issues are close to being handled and the inaugural podcast will appear, perhaps without fanfare, anytime in the next several weeks.

Please stay tuned.

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