I’ve had three outstanding opportunities in the past two days to share about interactive technologies and delivery platforms. A friend of mine—a Direct Marketing genius—facilitated two of these meetings, the first of which was with a company looking to market a software/video product.

I presented a suite of web- and disc-based solutions that included email blasts, blogging, podcasting, a dedicated personal game pad version of the product, a custom video iPod pre-loaded with the product, and a touchscreen kiosk geared to target audience to be placed the retail environment.

An embedded link in the eBlast would lead the consumer to a landing page on the client’s site that would offer a sample of the product and an opt-in for more information.

A PR campaign aimed at bloggers would kick off the Buzz campaign, spreading the word about the product at little or no cost.

I suggested three ways this client could use Podcasting: have a spokesperson appear as an interview guest on Podcasts aimed at the target audience, advertise or sponsor podcasts likely to be subscribed to by their target, and produce their own Podcast that promotes the features and benefits of the product.

The kiosk idea would put the product out in appropriate retail venues to reach the ideal consumers, where they would get a unique opportunity to test drive the product before buying it. Data about the user experience and preferences could be collected and uploaded on the fly for analysis.

The second opportunity was one I set up with a video producer I’ve known for quite a while. I introduced the concept and processes behind Podcasting. We ended the meeting with agreeing to co-produce a Podcast that would allow distribution of a video series she already has in the can.

The final meeting was with a venture group, considering a web portal concept for a niche demographic group. With a willing content provider possessing solid content, the partnership presents significant promise. My contribution would be the management and production of audio and video content, both streamed and time shifted, depending on the needs of the consumer.

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