Internet Marketing and Video Production Services

Davis Interactive has been quite busy lately with new clients and big opportunity to make a difference.

CTA, Inc.—Christian Tools of Affirmation—has contracted with us for Internet Marketing Consulting services. This company, established in 1990, serves to provide high quality gifts and resources to churches and schools. They’re vision is to help Christian ministries become highly effective to strengthen and expand Christ’s Kingdom.

The duties we’ve been asked to perform at CTA include SEO, link-building, social marketing and video production. Our primary goal is to double website year over year. This is a company I’d say has a lot of upside, with very good product offerings that include valuable free resources, and a well-defined and relatively easy-to-reach target market.

Also recently, we produced our first internet video for, a San Francisco-based company that provides web commercials for We’re now on TurnHere’s list of Filmmakers and expect to be given production assignments in and around St. Louis.

Another client we’ve acquired is Beyond Pounds and Inches, a company that provides HCG diet protocols. Their tag line is “It’s About your Health, beyond feeling better, looking great, and losing weight!” We’ll be producing a DVD for them, that will serve as a marketing and training piece for their patients.

Speaking of marketing and training pieces, we’ve been working on a similar media tool for BioBalance 4 Women. This CD-ROM will allow women suffering from the symptoms of menopause learn about Dr. Kathy Maupin’s bio-identical hormone treatments.

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