Internet Marketing Whirlwind

There’s a lot going on these days. All good, All promising. I’ll share some of the relevant highlights.

  1. One of my clients is changing their domain name for SEO purposes. Smart move, I must say, but it’s not so easy. What about the existing customers who will search for or enter the old URL, and find basically the same site at a new address (the old address will redirect to the new)? Will they notice and be confused? Do we create a new brand— and logo— to reflect the new domain name? Wouldn’t that confuse existing customers even more and possibly drive them away forever? I’m researching the issues surrounding this change and discussing with a team of consultants, but I also invite you to also offer your suggestions here.
  2. I’ve been given the amazing opportunity to meet with a number of departments within a large well-known non-profit organization. The purpose of these meetings is to discuss with each group how they currently use and expand the use of internet marketing technologies including social networking, blogging, video. The process starts with a survey in which I ask them to share critical information about their buyer persona, content, and use of Social Networking sites. I’ll use that information to prepare for the meetings, analyzing what they have, what they’re doing with it, and how to do it better. We’ll review their input and my findings in the meetings. I’ll record the discussions so I can prepare a report of recommendations. The result of the meeting will be a list of action items that will advance their marketing efforts.
  3. Finally—and I mean that in more than one sense—I have decided to rebrand my business. Since 1993 my clients have known me as the owner and president of Davis Interactive. I created Davis Interactive as a software development and video production company. However, over the past several years, I have morphed into more of a consultant in the area of Internet development and marketing. My name has emerged as my brand, so I decided to cut out the middle man and henceforth do business as Romondo Davis, Internet Media and Marketing Consultant.

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