Kurt Ramspott, President of Guys for Life International

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Kurt Ramspott, President of Guys for LifeI met Kurt Ramspott early last fall at Pujos 5 Restaurant at West Port Plaza in West St. Louis County. He had called me the day before and offered to hire me to shoot on video the testimony of the Machine Gun Preacher, being delivered to a group of Guys for Life supporters.

My first impression of Kurt was that he was very good at public speaking and especially good at asking people to support worthy causes. I got to know him better when a few weeks later, he asked me to accompany him on a trip to Colorado Springs to cover his appearance on Jim Daly’s Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast. The three days we spent together on that trip, along with Aaron LeCave, served to bond us as brothers and fast friends. I had a unique opportunity to learn what makes this man stand out above so many business men and ministry leaders. I hope you find his story as compelling and inspirational as I do.

For more information on Kurt Ramspott and his ministry, visit the Guys for Life International website.

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  1. I am looking for a curriculum for teen dads for our pregnancy center’s dad’s mentoring program. Thanks! We need to train the dads to mentor, also.

  2. I work for Mosaic Pregnancy & Health Centers in IL. with Kathy Sparks. We have a couple men who are interested in mentoring the FOB of our female clients. Do you have any manuals, books, training materials that we can use with our male mentors?

    Donna Krieger
    Client Services Director, Belleville office

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